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Do you just install in new stores?

No, we regularly install rollouts in existing stores to upgrade as needed as many national chain stores need to keep up with the current trends and codes.

Can you install multiple sites per year?

Yes,we specialize in Rollout scenarios where we can schedule in a “run” of as many stores as you need to complete 1 to 2 day jobs, week long jobs or several stores a day on smaller jobs depending on the customer's needs.

Are you able to take on multiple jobs at one time?

Yes, we have several teams that travel the U.S. as well as an international team if needed.

How can we ensure that the work is being completed correctly?

Good question, SSD utilizes a real time strategy that allows the customer to view progress daily via paperwork and picture verification uploads.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our installation (cabling and terminations) for 1 full year. The product installed will carry only the manufacturer's warranty. In the event of a product failure, if it is a product we provided we will be available to assist you in getting a new part replaced.

Do we have to use equipment you sell?

No, we offer products that we feel are quality tested to provide the customer with the best experience. We have no problem installing any brand that the customer feels comfortable with using.

Are your Techs qualified to install?

Yes, our Technicians are field tested and proven. We have the necessary certifications to be able to provide quality installs and participate in continuing education programs to keep up to date.